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What Makes Us Unique

Woman owned Vet Practice

Jess and Ashley, our patient care advocates, go the extra mile to ensure that all pets in our care are receiving top notch care. This includes extra snuggles, frequent owner updates and special treats. 

 Below is an example of a text message update sent by our Inpatient care team.  We know how hard it is to be away from your pet and we try to calm your nerves with frequent updates.

text message update

We achieve this by playing calming music, using pheromones that decrease stress, along with having separate dog and cat ICU wards.

We use instinct practice management system which allows all records to be automatically sent to your pet's regular veterinarian so they have access to them as soon as the pet is discharged from our hospital.

We are the only local emergency clinic that publishes and updates our wait times in real time. This allows owners to check the wait times from home and plan accordingly.

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