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In the situation where your pet needs to be hospitalized, we have the ability to provide 24 hour care, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  Our hospital is staffed with experienced ER veterinarians and technicians to monitor your pet at all times. 

In the event your pet requires hospitalization, the veterinarian will discuss the treatment plan including the recommended duration of hospitalization and when you should expect an update. Following discussion with the veterinarian, a nurse will come in to discuss estimated costs, resuscitation status, and best contact information. We will call if your pet experiences an issue or there are any medical concerns - day or night. We kindly ask that you keep your phones close by, remove the do not disturb, and leave the ring on. You are welcome to call for updates at any time. If there are particular times you are unavailable, please inform the nurse during the admission process. 

Hershey Animal Emergency Center has dedicated nurses that are here to focus on your pet's treatments, comfort, and safety      

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