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Referring Vet Info

  • Carisa
    Referral Coordinator

    Hi, I’m Carisa and I am the referral coordinator at Hershey Animal Emergency Center, HAEC. My job is to ensure that our referring veterinarians receive records quickly and efficiently and to facilitate communication between HAEC and the referring veterinarians. Any questions on discharge/transfer policies, hours of operation, communication with HAEC, services offered, etc. can be sent to me directly at [email protected].

    When transferring a case to Hershey Animal Emergency Center, please call 717-298-7883 to advise us of the impending arrival. The emergency team will be able to prepare for your patient’s arrival and care based on the information you provide. Having all pertinent case information is ideal and our doctors are more than willing to discuss specific details and questions related to case transfers.

    Referring veterinarians will receive email notifications when a patient from your practice is first checked in to HAEC and again when the patient is discharged.  These updates are sent via the shareville portal.  If you have questions about accessing this portal, please reach out to Carisa at [email protected].

    We look forward to working together to ensure smooth continuity of care between our ER and our referring veterinarians.

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