Pet x-rays

Advanced Digital X-rays: 
Our digital x-ray machine allows us to take x-ray images of your pet in seconds, greatly reducing their exposure to radiation and providing our vets with immediate valuable information. 

At HAEC we offer both emergency/point of care ultrasounds and full abdominal ultrasounds.  Point of care ultrasound are performed by the veterinarian treating your pet and are a quick, focused search for any major emergent abnormalities such as fluid in the abdomen or chest, or masses/tumors.  Full abdominal ultrasounds are performed by Dr. Meghan Myers and the images are sent for internist or radiologist interpretation.  These ultrasounds are more in depth and look at the entire abdomen, including the bladder, liver, spleen, pancreas, intestines, stomach, kidneys, etc. Results are discussed with you and a full report is sent to your regular veterinarian.

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