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What is Endoscopy? 

Endoscopy is the use of specialized video cameras to evaluate areas within the body in a minimally invasive manner. In the emergency setting, endoscopy is most frequently used to remove foreign material from the stomach.  

Why would my pet need an emergency endoscopy? 

Endoscopy can be performed at HAEC to remove certain types of foreign material from the stomach as an alternative to surgery.  

Examples of foreign material that can potentially be removed via endoscopy include: 

  •  Needle and thread
  •  Soft toys/fabric
  •  Plastic pieces
  •  Hair ties
  •  Coins

endoscopy What if my pet ate something that can not be removed with an endoscopy? 

If an object is stuck in the stomach that can not be removed with the endoscope, then we can perform surgery on your pet.  Our emergency veterinarians will discuss if your pet is a candidate for endoscopy or surgery. 

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