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End of Life Care

end of life care

If you have made the difficult end of life decision for your pet, we have a private comfort room available for you to spend time with your companion. We will guide you through the process of humane euthanasia. We encourage you to be present with your pet.  If you have any hesitation, we will take the time to address any concerns about the process. We understand the difficulty of losing a pet and our goal is to create an atmosphere that is as peaceful and stress free as we can for you and your beloved friend.

Once you have made the decision to say goodbye, our caring nursing staff will discuss options for aftercare including cremation services for both private (receiving ashes of your pet) and communal (your pet will be cremated without receiving their ashes) cremation. If you choose to take your pet home for burial, our staff will lovingly prepare your pet for transport home.

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